Icon "Albazinskaia"

  • date of celebration: March, 22
  • dates of painting/glorification: 17th century
  • invocation: For those who are expecting a child and during mogitocia
  • country: Russia
  • region: Amurskaia
  • city (district): Blagovetschensk
  • eparchy: Blagovetschenskaia
  • place: Blagovetschensk
  • address: ANNUNCIATION CATHEDRAL Blagovetschensk, Reiolochny Street, 15 Working hours: 08:00 – 19:00, closed on Mondays
  • тел.: +7 (4162) 33-16-24
  • http://blag-sobor.ru/
  • position: 50.261279, 127.51343


Albazinsky face of the Most Pure got its name from Russian border fortress Albazin, founded on the far banks of the Amur River in 1650 by Yerofei Khabarov. The holy ascetic Elder Hermogenes from the Kirensky Holy Trinity Monastery brought with him a miraculous icon as blessing for the Amur region and to help Russian soldiers guarding the eastern borders of Russia.

Many challenges they had to endure! Many bloody fights with Chinese bogdyhans the walls of the Albazin fortress saw, many sons of Mother Rus drank a mortal cup in battles for the Amur, for the triumph of the Orthodox faith in the Far East. The Chinese, Tungus and Daurians burned Albazin, repeatedly besieged it, hijacked the Russians into slavery. Almost three hundred years the struggle continued. But the Holy Mother of God always protected the land she had chosen, Her invisible cover always protected Russian soldiers and immigrants from predatory enemies. According to the stories of the Chinese, they often saw the Light Woman, as they called her, stepping on the waters of the Amur and she instilled in them an indomitable fear, and deprived their shells of destructive power.

The miracle-working icon showed its power not only during the years of military clashes. She saved her Russian children in 1885 from an epidemic of pestilence in the Far East, in honor of which the Bishop of Kamchatka Gury established her annual celebration on March 9 (22) and a weekly reading of the akathist with a moleben.

In 1860, Bishop Veniamin of Kamchatka moved the miraculous Albazin icon to Blagoveshchensk, to the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God, where it is now kept.