Icon "The Iverian"

  • date of celebration: 25 февраля, 6 мая, 26 октября
  • dates of painting/glorification: IX век
  • invocation: помогает раскаявшимся грешникам найти в себе силы и путь к покаянию
  • country: Греция
  • region: Афон
  • city (district): Афон
  • eparchy: Афон
  • place: монастырь Иверон
  • address: монастырь Иверон
  • тел.: (30-377) 23643. Факс (30-377) 23248
  • position: 40°14'43.8" 24°17'05.0"


The Iverian icon of the Mother of God is in the Iveron Monastery on the Mount Athos. It is otherwise named Portaitissa, which in Greek means "Gatekeeper", and the origin of such naming is the following.
In the 9th century near Nicaea, there lived a kind pious widow, who had a wondrous image of the Most-Pure Virgin. At this time, the heresy of iconoclasm was widespread in the Orthodox world. And once soldiers came to Nicaea, sent to seek out and destroy images of saints. Wishing to save the image from desecration, his widow carried itt to the sea and lowered it into the water. The icon, standing and shining with radiant light, floated on the water away...
Two centuries have passed since then. And one day the monks of Iveron saw on the sea a pillar of fire, reaching the sky. When they ran ashore, they saw in its foundation the icon of the Mother of God standing on the water. Immediately the monks began to pray, and the elderly monk Gabriel, named Svyatogorets, obeying divine inspiration, went on the water like on dry land, took a wonderful icon and set it in a cathedral. The next morning, however, the monks discovered the icon over the gates of Iveron, where it miraculously moved. That's why they called it the Gatekeeper, Portaitisse, and after the monastery - Iverian.
And up to this day Portaitissa keeps Iversky monastery and is revered as one of the most important shrines of Athos.