Prayer for icon Tikhvinskaia


Prayer 1

O most holy Virgin, Mother of the Lord of the hosts on high, Queen of Heaven and earth, almighty intercessor of our city and country: receive this hymn of praise and thanksgiving from us, Thine unworthy servants, and bear our prayers to the throne of God, Thy Son, that He may be merciful towards our unrighteousness and extend His Grace to them that honor Thine All-honorable name and bow down before Thy wonder-working icon with faith and love.For we are not worthy to be pitied by Him. Wherefore we flee to Thee as our undoubted and speedy intercessor: hearken Thou unto us that supplicate Thee. Overshadow us with Thine almighty protection, and request of God Thy Son: zeal and vigilance concerning souls for our pastors, wisdom and strength for civil authorities, justice and equity for judges; knowledge and humility for them that teach; love and concord between husbands and wives, obedience for children; patience for the oppressed; fear of God for the oppressors; strength of spirit for the sorrowful; moderation for the joyful; and for all of us: the spirit of understanding and piety, the spirit of mercy and meekness, the spirit of purity and righteousness.Yea, O most holy Lady, take pity on Thine afflicted people: gather the dispersed, guide to the right path them that are astray, support the aged, teach the young sober-mindedness, nourish the infants, and look down with the gaze of Thy merciful assistance upon us all. Raise us up from the abyss of sin and open the eyes of our hearts to the vision of salvation. Take pity on us here and now - both in the land of our earthly sojourn and at the dread judgment of Thy Son. Cause our fathers and brethren who have passed from this life in faith and repentance to abide in eternal life with the angels and all the saints, for Thou, O Lady, art the glory of them in Heaven and the hope of them upon the earth.After God Thou art our hope and the helper of all that flee to Thee with faith. Therefore, to Thee do we pray, and as to an all-powerful helper, to Thee do we commend ourselves and each other and all our life, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Prayer 2


O Most Graceful and Most Pure, and Most Blessed Holy Virgin and Theotokos, Mother of Christ of ours, we offer Thee our hymns of thankfulness for all the good deeds of Thy, which Thou showed to the human race, and especially to us, Christian people of the Russian land, and even most Angelic words are not enough to praise Thou. We thank Thee, as now Thou again had ineffable Mercy of Thy upon us, the unworthy servants of Thy, when Thine Most Pure icon appeared and enlightened the Russian land; therefore we the sinful, with awe and joy fall down and cry out to Thee: O Most Holy Virgin, Queen and Lady, save and be merciful to all the people and help them to win all their enemies, and save all the Christian cities and lands, and keep this holy church away from every accusation of the enemy, and give the good to the servants of Thy who come and say prayers and bend down before the most holy image of Thy: as Thou art blessed together with Son and God born from Thou, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.