Prayer for Icon Hearer


O Most Blessed Theotokos and Holy Virgin, Quick Hearer of those who with faith flee down to Thou! From Heavenly Highness of Thine Majesty look upon us who fall down in front of the wonder-working image of Thy and having received humble supplication of ours, beseech Son of Thy and God of ours to keep the land of ours in peace and prosperity, and strengthen Orthodox Church and keep it safe from unfaithfulness, heresy and controversy. O Most Blessed Lady, save those who with faith say prayer for Thou, from fall from Grace, slander, misfortunes, sorrows and afflictions. Give us Spirit of Strength, piety of heart, purity of thoughts, correction of sinful life and forgiveness of our sins; and may all those who thankfully honour Thy Majesty, enter Heavenly Kingdom and there together with all the saints glorify Most Holy and Divine Name of the Triune God: Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.