Icon "Nevsky" She Who Is Quick To Hear of the Neva

  • date of celebration: 9 ноября
  • dates of painting/glorification: XIX век
  • invocation: от многих болезней, и духовном просвещении
  • country: Россия
  • region: Ленинградская
  • city (district): Санкт-Петербург
  • eparchy: Санкт-Петербургская
  • place: Санкт-Петербург
  • address: Александро-Невская Лавра, Россия, 191167 Санкт-Петербург, наб. реки Монастырки, дом 1, лит. А
  • тел.: Канцелярия +7 (812) 274 17 02, Дежурный духовского корпуса +7 (812) 274 11 13
  • http://www.lavra.spb.ru/
  • e-mail: kanzlei@lavra.spb.ru
  • position: 59°55'11


Icon of the Mother of God "She Who Is Quick To Hear of the Neva" is the guardian of the city of St. Peter, it is kept in Alexander Nevsky Lavra. The St. Petersburg copy of Athos "She Who Is Quick To Hear" differs from the prototype and depicts the Mother of God without the Eternal Infant, with a prayerfully stretched hand, which is of an emphatically large size, symbolizing Divine help.
 The story of finding the copy is the following. About 1878 Hieromonks Athanasius and Varsonofy from the Russian Panteleimon monastery on Athos arrived in St. Petersburg to raise funds for the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of Lycia. That year the construction of the chapel near Nevsky Prospekt was coming to an end in memory of the miraculous rescue of the Sovereign Alexander II during the villainous attack on him in Paris. For the sanctification Athos monks brought several shrines to the chapel, among which was the copy of the revered icon of the Mother of God "She Who Is Quick To Hear".
In the autumn of 1885, a fire broke out in the chapel, as a result it burned to the ground. However, this misfortune served to glorify "She Who Is Quick To Hear" image. In the garbage of the ashes the imperishable icon of the Mother of God was found, painted on thick cardboard. Such wonderful salvation of the temple shrine made a great impression on the pious inhabitants of St. Petersburg. Rumor quickly spread not only to the capital, but also remote outskirts. The sheer mercy of God accompanied those who came with zealous prayer and firm faith, with hope to "She Who Is Quick To Hear" for intercession and quick help.
Many wonders are attributed to the image of the Mother of God "She Who Is Quick To Hear". A special journal of miracles and healings from the icon was kept in the church. Once the following happened. They led a demoniac girl into the temple, whose head, in a seizure, turned away from the icon by 180 degrees and stayed in such unnatural position. Soon after the moleben, she was miraculously healed.
The miracle-working icon was preserved from the horrors of revolution and war. During the siege of Leningrad, the image was one of the few accessible shrines of the suffering city, before which the believing people got solace. Finally, in 1958 the icon was moved to the place of the present stay, to the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky Lavra.