Icon "Balykin"

  • date of celebration: 13 июля, в 10-ю пятницу по Пасхе
  • dates of painting/glorification: XVII век
  • invocation: молятся об исцелении от беснования, болезней глаз и слепоты, об избавлении от моровых поветрий и нашествия иноплеменных.
  • country: Россия
  • region: Брянская
  • city (district): Погарский
  • eparchy: Брянская
  • place: село Балыкино
  • address: Церковь во имя святителя Николая в с. Балыкине. С дороги Погар - Новые Ивайтенки свернуть влево по указателю на Балыкино (8 км по асфальту). Церковь - в центре села на холме.
  • position: 52°39'16.1" 33°06'54.6"


Balykin icon of the Mother of God refers to a very rare iconographic type. It received the name from the village Balykino in Chernigov province, where it was kept in the church of Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra. There is a belief that the icon of the Mother of God was brought to Russian lands in the XVII century during the reign of Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov by refugees from Galicia.
The icon is painted on canvas, pasted on a board. This icon was famous for the healings of patients who flocked to Balykino from all around.

There is an interesting legend about the occurrence of this icon of the Mother of God.
The icon was in the house of Pan Dulsky, a badge comrade of Starodubsky regiment. During the Swedish war, when the Swedes passed by the city of Starodub, tears from the eyes of the Mother of God became visible on the icon.

Seeing this, Pan Dulsky made a vow to put the holy icon in the temple which was built nearby. Dulsky delayed his promise, and the Most Holy Theotokos appeared to him in a dream, ordering him to move the icon immediately to the Balykin church. Pan was inactive. For the second time, the Most Holy Theotokos appeared to him in a dream and, under the threat of punishment, ordered to give the icon of the Mother of God to Balykino temple. After that, Pan Dulsky hurried to move the icon to Balykino. This happened in 1711, on August 4.
From this blessed icon many miraculous healings took place, a huge number of pilgrims come to it.
The exact copy of the miraculous icon of the Balykin Mother of God is located in the Orlov Vvedensk Women's Monastery. It belonged to St. John, the Metropolitan of Tobolsk, when he was the ruling bishop of the Chernigov diocese. In 1712, the saint blessed with his cell icon a newly created Vvedensk mansion.
In 1923 the monastery was closed and destroyed, its restoration began in 1993, and two years later the ancient shrine was returned to the monastery.