Icon "The Gustyn"

  • date of celebration: 10 августа
  • dates of painting/glorification: XVII век
  • invocation: молятся об облегчении и исцелении немощи телесной и душевной.
  • country: Украина
  • region: Черниговская
  • city (district): Прилукский
  • eparchy: Черниговская и Новгород-Северская
  • place: Густыня
  • address: Свято-Троицкий Густынский Прилукский женский монастырь, Украины, Черниговская область, село Густынь, Прилуцкого района
  • тел.: (04637) 6–61–29
  • http://gustyn-mon.church.ua/
  • e-mail: gustynia@gmail.com
  • position: 50°38'11" 32°28'27"


The Gustyn icon of the Mother of God is named so after the place of its stay. This miraculous icon is kept in the Holy Trinity Monastery of Gustyn, founded in 1610 on the Gustyn island, in Priluki outskirts in Ukraine. They also called the Gustyn Mother of God "Fair", and the reason is the following.
Gustyn monastery was a place of frequent pilgrimages. From all over Ukraine Orthodox people were flocking to pray in this holy place of this. Massy fairs began to gather at the walls of the monastery. The icon of the Holy Virgin was solemnly carried out during the fair days from the church and set up in the chapel in the middle of the trading area, where it remained until the end of the fair. That's why they called it “Fair” Mother of God.
The time of finding this icon is unknown, but judging by the annals kept in Gustyn monastery, by 1670 the image was known throughout Ukraine for its miracles and signs.
The Holy Trinity Monastery experienced many trials during its 300-year history. Three times it was closed. Since 1993, the monastery has been functioning again. The tradition of carrying the miraculous icon of the Virgin to the fairs also revived.