Icon "Hodegetria Xenophon"

  • date of celebration: 3 февраля
  • dates of painting/glorification: XVIII век
  • invocation: о защите от врагов, о здравии тех, кто на фронте
  • country: Греция
  • region: Афон
  • city (district): Афон
  • eparchy: Афон
  • place: монастырь Ксенофонт
  • address: монастырь Ксенофонт
  • тел.: (30-377) 23249. Факс (30-377) 23631
  • position: 40°15'25.6


Icon of the Mother of God Hodegetria Xenophon is a great Athonite shrine. Since ancient times it was kept in the Vatoped monastery. But in 1730, with the temple doors locked, it disappeared. The monks, thinking that a sacrilegious man was among them, organised a search in the monastery, but found nothing. Soon the brethren heard the news that the missing image was in the Xenophon monastery, which was three hours' distance from Vatoped. Immediately the Vetoped monks were sent there to restore the ancient image to its original place. In their hearts the monks of Vatoped and hegumen believed that the icon's thief was one of Xenophon's populace, and therefore, placing it in the temple, reinforced the guard in order to prevent the second robbery.
But in spite of all their contrivances, the holy icon of the Mother of God again appeared in Xenophon, in some incomprehensible way. So the Vatoped monks were convinced that the inexplicable disappearances of the image of the Mother of God are miracles showed by the Most Pure, and that She wants to remain in the Xenophon monastery. Then the brothers of Vatoped in memory of the glorious event and in a sign of reverence for this holy icon decided to deliver candles and fragrant oil for it to Xenophon.
The Hodegetria remains in Xenophon until now, that is why it is called Xenophon, and will remain there, as long as She will.
Afonians remember the miracles that from occurred this icon, and earnestly worship it.