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Icon "The Life-giving Spring"

  • date of celebration: В пятницу Светлой седмицы
  • dates of painting/glorification: V век
  • invocation: о сохранении праведной жизни, об исцелении телесных и душевных недугов, страстей, о помощи в скорби
  • Wonder-working copies
    адрес: Свято-Успенский мужской монастырь - Саровская пустынь, 607190, г. Саров, Нижегородская область, проспект Мира 40, +7 (83130) 3-09-28 – канцелярия,+7 (83130) 7-71-44 – вахта,
  • координаты: 54°55′34″ 43°19′30″  (Google map)


The icon of the Mother of God, called "The Life-giving Spring," is related to the following story.
This happened in the V century in Constantinople. A warrior Leo Makella, the future emperor, in a copse at the Golden Gate met wandering blind man, who had lost his way. The kind-hearted Leo helped him to rest in the shade, and went to search for water. Suddenly he heard a mysterious, unearthly voice, whispering to him: "Leo! Go under the canopy of this grove, take the water that you will find there, and give it to the thirsty one, and put the sludge found in the source on his eyes. Then you will know who I am, sanctifying this place. I will help you soon to build here a temple in My honor, and all who come here with faith and call My name will receive the fulfillment of their prayers and the complete healing from infirmities". The righteous Leo Makella did everything, and immediately the blind man saw the light, and got up, and went to Constantinople himself, without a guide, singing praises to the Theotokos.
After becoming an emperor, Leo Makella, remembering the words of the Most Pure, ordered to purify the holy spring and enclose it in a stone circle, and above it to build a temple in honor of the Most Holy Theotokos. The Orthodox called this spring "The Life-giving Source". Many sick and suffering received healing having drunk water from the spring. According to legend it even resurrected the dead.
 The icon "The Life-giving Source" depicts the Mother of God, Who is the Source of Life herself, for She gave birth to Jesus - the Way, and Truth, and Life, with a cup. There are many copies of this icon in Russia. You can see them in the chapel near Solovetsk Monastery, in the Moscow Novodevichy Convent. The most famous is in the Holy Assumption Monastery of the Sarovian Desert.