Icon "Igorevaskaya"

  • date of celebration: 18 июня, 1 июля
  • dates of painting/glorification: XII век
  • invocation: о братолюбии и миролюбии, о сохранении от обидчиков и насилия при различных жизненных невзгодах, во время бедствий, при тяжких обстоятельствах
  • Wonder-working copies
    адрес: Государственная Третьяковская галерея 119017, Москва, Лаврушинский пер., 10, тел. +7 (499) 230-77-88
  • координаты: 55°44'28.8  (Google map)


The story of this holy icon is connected with the memory of the holy great prince Igor. The prince became an innocent victim of Kiev's hatred to his elder brother, Grand Duke Vsevolod, when a battle between the troops of Prince Igor and Izyaslav Mstislavich took place near Kiev.

Igor was captured, brought to Kiev and planted in a cold log cabin without windows and doors, where the prince after long suffering became seriously ill. And the opponents of the prince allowed to rescue him from prison and put to Kiev's Theodore Monastery. But the prince recovered and, remaining a monk of the monastery, spent time praying.

. But less than a year later, the rebellious rabble decided to kill the prince-monk. The rebels broke into the temple where Igor prayed and dragged him to decimation. That’s how the innocent martyr died, holy prince Igor. The image before which the saint prayed before the terrible death, since then began to be called Igorevskaya.


Very soon Igorevskaya icon of the Virgin began to be revered as a miracle-working icon. The holy image was placed in the side-chapel of the holy Apostle John the Theologian in the Assumption Cathedral of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

 During the occupation of Kiev in 1941, the icon disappeared without a trace. The further story of the holy image of the Mother of God is unknown.