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On deva-maria.com you can read information about the icons of Lady Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ and Patroness of all the afflicted, both the existing original icons and wonder-working copies. Here all the pilgrims and faithful people can learn more about the icons, place of their location, as well as read prayers and Acathistus; find out with which prayer and in front of which icon to say in various life situations; and also make their fair share of contribution for churches and monasteries by making some donations.



Much information known about Mother of God comes from unreliable sources, so we made a decision to publish the only one which we verify ourselves. We work in online mode, so you can contact us any time. Our database has been continuously updated, and there are optimum conditions for everyone who wishes to take part in activities of churches or give them some financial support.
The image of Mother of God is highly worshipped by every Orthodox Christian, as it is associated with moral support and help during the most difficult time of life. However, not everyone can clearly understand its meaning, and only few people are able to differentiate between different types of icons. Our website aims at giving you more knowledge of it, so that you can knowingly say prayers, as you will be aware of when and about what to beseech.
There is the following information available on the website:
- Calendar of the worshipped and wonder-working icons of Lady Mary;
-  the detailed schedule of church festivals and the days of Honour of Mother of God;
-  stories about appearance of various images of Mother of God;
-  Acathistus in honour of the icons of Lady Mary;
- prayers in front of the icons of Holy Virgin, and the information on which icon to beseech in case of some particular need;
- places of devotion and location of images of Lady Mary in different cities in Russia and all over the world.
Also, you have an opportunity to support various Orthodox churches, by making possible donations in the way which is most convenient for you. For those who have a wish to help, there is a special group that anyone can join.